Wednesday, March 12, 2014

You Asked Them Out: Now What?

When it comes to modern-day dating, the rules as we knew them have been thrown out the window. The unconventional has become the conventional as more and more couples meet in ways that until recently, weren’t even a possibility. But what does that mean when it’s time to actually go on a date? Is it different from if you met in a bookstore, coffee shop, or online?

In short: no. First, second, and third dates are every bit as exciting and nerve-wracking, regardless of how you met. The initial courting stage can be make-it or break-it, but a little bit of planning ahead can help you put best foot forward. Here’s our guide of some tried and true early date activities, and some helpful tips to get you through them with ease.
First date: the “getting to know you” date
Ahh, the first date. Equal parts dread and anticipation, this initial interaction is best kept relatively open-ended, especially if you’re meeting in person for the first time. If you’re the date planner, we recommend suggesting an in-public activity that can easily be extended if things are going well, like drinks and a game of pool at a local bar, or coffee and a walk around the farmer’s market.
Shared activities like bowling, or exploring a museum, zoo, or aquarium are also great options for first dates. Suggesting outings like this are ideal because they indicate a level of thought and interest, and they also provide easy conversation starters. The most important thing to establish is good conversation and eye contact. Don’t forget to listen to body language, be respectful, and smile, and you’ll be the perfect first date.

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