Wednesday, March 12, 2014

You Asked Them Out: Now What?

When it comes to modern-day dating, the rules as we knew them have been thrown out the window. The unconventional has become the conventional as more and more couples meet in ways that until recently, weren’t even a possibility. But what does that mean when it’s time to actually go on a date? Is it different from if you met in a bookstore, coffee shop, or online?

In short: no. First, second, and third dates are every bit as exciting and nerve-wracking, regardless of how you met. The initial courting stage can be make-it or break-it, but a little bit of planning ahead can help you put best foot forward. Here’s our guide of some tried and true early date activities, and some helpful tips to get you through them with ease.
First date: the “getting to know you” date
Ahh, the first date. Equal parts dread and anticipation, this initial interaction is best kept relatively open-ended, especially if you’re meeting in person for the first time. If you’re the date planner, we recommend suggesting an in-public activity that can easily be extended if things are going well, like drinks and a game of pool at a local bar, or coffee and a walk around the farmer’s market.
Shared activities like bowling, or exploring a museum, zoo, or aquarium are also great options for first dates. Suggesting outings like this are ideal because they indicate a level of thought and interest, and they also provide easy conversation starters. The most important thing to establish is good conversation and eye contact. Don’t forget to listen to body language, be respectful, and smile, and you’ll be the perfect first date.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

senior living

Beginning with Thanksgiving and continuing through New Year’s millions of adult children visit their aging parents. They’ve been talking by phone all year being told everything is fine. But, once they arrive, it is obvious that all is not well.
American Association for Long Term Care Insurance, Director Jesse Slome said, “Those who can’t regularly look in on aging family members should use seasonal visits to help aging parents maintain their independence as long as possible.”
Holiday visits are an excellent opportunity to assess the health of a loved one, to address home safety issues and to discuss important planning issues. “Difficult discussions are best started in a face-to-face setting because they are seldom one-shot conversations,” Slome acknowledges.

Some tips when visiting older loved ones:

Check the home environment. Look for unopened mail, especially unpaid bills. Address safety issues such as loose rugs or wires that could result in falls.
Has your parent lost weight. Is there outdated and spoiled food in the refrigerator or pantry?
If you think your parent may need a little extra help or assistance at some point, prepare a list of medications and physician contact information. Record important local resources such as plumbers or electricians should repair issues arise.
Write down all important information including the license plate of your parent’s car.
Ask if the parent has prepared advanced health directives; you should know where copies are kept. If your parent owns long-term care insurance protection write down the policy number and claim department contact information. “The number of people calling with questions about policy benefits increases by roughly 15 percent immediately following the holidays,” explains Bill Jones, President of MedAmerica, a long-term care insurance carrier. “Many older Americans eventually need some hands-on assistance, and the holidays are often the time of year when families recognize that eventuality has arrived.”
You can join in senior communities talk with other senior and get more information about that.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

single seniors over 40

Senior dating often sounds like something that is daunting. Most people assume that just because they are aged, dating is not meant for them. However, love has no age restrictions and boundaries. Finding new love and being in relationships is not a domain exclusive to the younger crowd. Older people too have that right and definitely the opportunity as well. In today’s world, the 21st century, there are many seniors who are very much into dating and romance and the feeling doesn’t have to be different from that which teenagers and young adults experience. While there are many single seniors who would like to have those lovely experiences again, most of them are scared to take the step. There was a time when senior relationships were unusual but in this broadminded era, it is becoming increasingly acceptable. For those single seniors who are brave enough to make a fresh start in their love lives, here are some dating tips that will prove effective immediately.
  • Research and update your knowledge about dating:
Make a start with researching on the best places that are the best for dating. Those places where you once used to date your partner may no longer even exist. Try finding out some suitable places and collect some information about the foods they serve and the clientele type that generally use their services. It is preferable to avoid places like racetracks and movies where it is hard to pick up and carry on a conversation. In all probability, you might just end up spending an entire day without even getting to know about your date.
  • Get to know your date:
In a relationship, it is important that you know your date as much as possible, whatever be the stage of life. It is in fact, the first essential step in establishing trust and making a good start on a serious relationship. Hence, choose some place where you can converse with your date freely. It is better to go out for coffee or lunch as opposed to dinner as it may feel a little too serious for first dates. Also, it imposes pressure on both you and your date and feels formal and dressy. Coffee or lunch is informal and you also avoid having to go through the nightmare of several courses, especially if you are not very serious about your date and aren’t into it.
  • Look online:
There are several websites on the internet that are especially dedicated for senior singles. Pick up the best one and go through the rules. Sign up and set up a profile that is interesting and attractive. You can browse through the profiles of others and contact them if you think there is some potential for a relationship. Other senior singles may also get in touch with you to make a start. The internet is an excellent place to meet plenty of interesting people to date. So what if you are old? If your heart is still young and romantic, go ahead and make a move and make a refreshing start in your love-life and find that person you would want to spend the rest of your life with. —— The he most effective Baby Boomers Dating Site. Browse millions of profiles of Baby Boomers Singles over 40–

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Top five tips for successful Christian date

Planning a Christian date nowadays is not a tough task definitely because there are many good and reliable Christian dating sites to support people finding their Mr. or Miss perfect. Although, each and every person gets its own style to date and plan it beautifully but some good rules are there to be applicable on everyone equally for amazing success. Here is the list of five easy but really important tips you can apply for awesome Christian dating.
Keep a support system prepared
When you start dating, you should maintain a support system that can suggest you solutions regarding problems of dating (if occurs). You can get dating idea with any mature person on whom you trust. Make a list of people who can support you in tough time and conveyance your partner to forget all what happened when things go wrong. This idea will keep your romantic life potential always.
Let your partner know about your real status
Most of the times, when people start dating newly, they hesitate to explain their partner about their exact position. One should tell its partner really about its standard; let them know well what’s your objective in your social and professional life and where do you stand now? As there is no lack of the Christian singles who don’t want to be called as old fashioned or outdated, they fear putting out their convictions but this kind of attitude is completely wrong. Always remember, until and unless you will represent true things about you, it is impossible for you to get the perfect and compatible partner.
Keep your heart clean and pure
One of the key principles of the Christian principle states that a person acts like inner sense of the heart that’s why you should keep your heart pure and clean. Thus, it is clear that all the decisions you make good or bad are based upon the things you keep in your heart. That’s why, you should keep your inner sense uncluttered and well organized.
Have fun together
You should not forget discovering awesome tricks and ideas to have fun in your love life, especially during the first date. Anything you do in relationship is just fine till the time you enjoy it and find it funny because dating is something one goes for having some fun.
Respect each other’s priority and feelings
If you want to win the heart of your loved one, you should not forget respecting their feelings and keeping rules prepared by them on mind. Whether you live together or meet once in a month or week, following dating rules prepared by each other is a good way to keep the relationship warm.

Seniors seeking Dating for Happiness and Enjoyment

If you are a senior citizen! And want someone to date and feel some pleasant experience of dating? So here is your answer. You have to know that Dating is a way to accepting someone and its initial stag of relationship building. Senior dating is a new concept of matchmaking for senior. This concept if Senior Dating is mainly for those who are above 40 in age and wish for love, peace, and pleasant moments of life; so never think you are too old.
What happens when you find many others senior dating lovers? There are many seniors waiting for you. What? Where! The only solution for all this is senior datingThose seniors who are living there life lonely, and want to enjoy ones again; can become a member of senior dating. After registering with them you can fix an appointment with your beloved and spent some memorable moments with your charming partner.
The senior dating serves an opportunity of voice and webcam chat, so that both of you understand each other and make some future plan about your life. In other word we can say that it gives a freedom to senior people to live their life as they wish.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

seniors and baby boomers dating tips

There are a lot of online dating sites for seniors, which can help you meet others just like you.

Are you single and retired? Ready to explore dating once more?
You are not alone. The fact is, there are a lot of people aged 50 and up who are looking for a new partner.  Most often than not, seniors turn to the Internet to explore online dating for finding a new partner or simply to look for new friends.
For those who have lost a partner or someone special, times can be a very tough and also very lonely. Senior dating might just be what you are looking for after long years of grieving and living alone. Opening yourself towards new companionship may help you realize that life still has a lot to offer.
Yes, you do still have your children and grandchildren that mean the world to you and bring you joy and happiness. At the same time, it might not be enough to replace the emptiness within your heart. It makes all the difference in the world when you know you have that special someone with you all the time. Someone who you can open up to by sharing all your stories because you know they will understand.
There are a lot of online dating sites for seniors, which can help you meet others just like you. These sites serve as place where you can socialize and communicate with other single seniors who are also interested in dating. These sites will usually ask you to fill out a form where you can include details about your personal information and dating preferences. What you choose to include is up to you and the information you submit will be used to create your online profile. In return, the site will match you up with other individuals who are possibly compatible based on your online profile and preferences.
Of course like with anything new, there can be some skepticism at first if these sites really work and if your information is secure. These sites have actually put in measures in place to ensure your profile is secure and that is a big reason there are millions catching onto this new phenomenon. As a matter of fact, people have been finding their true loves online and even getting married which is growing rapidly by the tens of thousands.
How many friends and family do you know that have gone on dates to only find out that the other person isn’t really that compatible? What if they were just always on their “best foot forward” and it became difficult to break ties with that person? This is the beauty of the Internet as it can allow you to connect with possibly your “soul mate” with literally the click of a button.
If you decide to join an online dating site, just be sure to keep these things in mind for your safety:
1. Investigate. Be sure to sign-up only on reputable online dating service sites. Ask friends and even do a search online with your favorite search engine. Within the site, you should find information showing if they are “TrustE” or “Hacker-Safe” certified. This is where the site has to undergo a strenuous process and strict privacy guidelines to be compliant. You can usually find this information within the sites “Privacy” link or “About Us” section.
2. Be Cautious. Do not give out too much personal information too soon. It is advisable not to reveal your real name, email address , your home address or work address and phone number unless you are absolutely sure that you can completely trust the person and that the date is real. You can even take a friend with you and meet in a public area if you want to be 100% comfortable.
3. Take advantage of free sites. Before signing-up to any senior dating services online, be sure to check if there is a fee to join. Also, ensure to “read the fine print.” Tip: There are a lot of top, reputable online dating sites that offer their services for free.
When creating your online profile, remember these tips to make it easier to find the right person:
1. Be honest. Be sure to put the correct information and do not lie about your age, otherwise, you will mislead people, making it harder for you to find your match.
2. Think. Make sure to ask yourself about the important qualities you are looking for in a partner before filling out the profile form.
3. Promote yourself. It will help if you focus on your positive traits and things that you can offer in a relationship.
4. Be realistic. You cannot replace your spouse that you have lost. Therefore, when looking for a new partner, try not to compare the person to your previous partner. Remember, everyone is unique.
5. Be patient. Do not rush. Keep in mind that things don’t happen overnight. Be sure to know the person as much as possible. Take it one day at a time.
6. Upload your best photo. Upload you nicest picture as your profile. Based on recent studies, members of online dating sites look at profile pictures first before making any effort in getting to know other members better. It might not be right, but this is reality. Don’t stress out too much about this as the saying goes: “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.”
7. Don’t be too picky. Try to lessen your search criteria in order to get more possible matches. People who tend to be too picky end up not finding Mr. or Ms. Right. Be sure to set realistic and attainable expectations.
Follow these tips to ensure you’ll have a very positive experience online and possibly find the companionship you have been looking for.
Online dating tips for seniors and baby boomers plus sites where you can socialize and communicate with other single seniors:

Monday, December 2, 2013

All Gone Wrong

About a week ago, a very odd thing happened: I had a night go against everything I planned. Everything came apart pretty well; after a happy hour I was sort of hosting collapsed, the rest of the night spiraled in an odd direction as well. The evening ended up culminating in an odd event for me: being in a bar alone.
I was supposed to meet some friends to go two-stepping (I can hardly step regularly, let alone on a dance floor), and when I arrived on time, I was told by every friend that something had come up: one had to go to the airport, one had a dinner, someone told me the wrong start time, etc. And yet the evening was so perfect.
You see, one thing I’ve found in my adult life is that I operate very well when forced into a situation where it’s just me against the world. That could be as simple as just going on an interview, where I find I perform well when challenged; or when I had to go to the middle of East Texas for three weeks in my first holiday season in retail. Much like my evening two-stepping, I found that I was quite capable of making new friends and doing fine with no one familiar around.
Twenty minutes and three quesadillas into my time in East Texas, I made a new friend at the bar where I was sitting. I hung out with that guy, just meeting random strangers for two weeks, and then spent my last week hanging out with a college friend who was home for the holidays. In a similar fashion, when I arrived to two-step, I was initially devastated when the first text flew in saying I was an hour early. I was far from home and wasn’t going to just leave or awkwardly stand in a corner. So I walked up to a guy who looked like he’d seen more of this country setting than I had, and before I knew it, we’d spent thirty minutes talking. Soon, he’d shown me what to do with my feet and we started asking girls to dance. About seven dances and as many girls later, my friends still hadn’t shown up, but I didn’t care. I was just glad to have found something new I enjoyed.
Sometimes things don’t work out like we plan. But darn it, I wanted to learn to two-step, and I did it (I was teaching girls how to dance by about four dances in). We can only let poor planning and things going differently than we planned affect us so much. In the end, only we can choose how to make the best of any situation, and sometimes it goes better than it ever could have if everything had gone right. I never even saw a single friend at that country bar, but it was easily the most fun night of my week.
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